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Day Celebration Providing Services and Supplies to Families in Need

Back To School Celebration 2018

Saturday, August 11 | Madison College - Truax Campus

The Event

The 24th Annual Back To School Celebration will be held from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon at Madison College - Truax Campus (1701 Wright Street, Madison, WI) Saturday, 11 August 2018.


Our goal is to ensure a wonderful & meaningful start of the 2017 - 2018 school year for all students of our community.


Over the past 23 years, the 100 Black Men of Madison has provided more than 32,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to area youth.


During 2018, the Back to School Celebration will endeavor to provide school supplies and this year, "vital services and exposures" to more than two (2000) thousand economically disadvantaged youth and their families.


Last year, more than 200 individuals representing 34 partner organizations as well as numerous individuals of our Community assisted members of the 100 Black Men of Madison in this preparatory activity.

Back To School Celebration 2018 Backpacks FAQ

Who are the backpacks for?


Backpacks handed out on the Saturday event are primarily for elementary school and middle school children.


Who can pick up the backpacks?


Backpacks can only be given to youth who have their parents or guardians with them. They CANNOT be given to youth alone or parents alone.


Can I acquire backpacks for future dissemination associated with another event and/or organization that will help youth?




I already have backpacks and supplies (or I can purchase them), but in all honesty, I want to take advantage of free backpacks when I can. Is that okay?


Within the context of our mission and values, the objective of the 100 via the Back To School Celebration 2018 is to provide school supplies, vital services, and exposures primarily to economically disadvantaged youth and their families. For that objective to be reached, this event has relied on an honor system exercised by the community year after year. All things considered, if you have the financial means to afford the backpacks for the children in your family, we kindly ask that you to acquire supplies elsewhere out of respect of those who do not. Although the amount of backpacks are limited, we do have other services and activities available that we definitely encourage you to partake in. Thank you for your understanding.


I want a backpack for my child but cannot attend that day. Can I still acquire one?


Parents and youth must be in attendance on Saturday in order to acquire a backpack for the children in the family.


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VIDEO: At-risk kids get school supplies from Madison organization (BTSC 2018)

Neil Heinen BTSC Editorial Video Placeho

VIDEO: Neil Heinen Editorial (Back To School Celebration 2018)

Please click the images above to access the video.

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