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Helping Those Who Help Others Logo 2021
First Responders Facilitating Food Security.

Although school are gradually reopening within the parameters of face covering and social distancing, the economic impact of this pandemic is still at large especially amongst communities of color.


In the wake of unprecedented food insecurity, the project, Helping Those Who Help Others was established. This activity is a collaborative venture of the 100 Black Men of Madison and the extraordinary First Responders of Dane County to provide nonperishable food to those most in need.


During the month of October, the Madison Police Department Black Officer Coalition partnered with the 100 Black Men of Madison to purchase and deliver food to area families.

The Black Officer Coalition
HTWHO 2020 MPD Officers.png

The Madison Police Department Black Officer Coalition consists of black patrol officers, past and present community officers, and a supervisor who are committed to making a positive impact on the community.


The Black Officer Coalition (BOC) is committed to bridging the gap between the Black Community and the Madison Police Department. Through inclusion, professional relationships and community partnerships, the BOC develops and supports the recruitment, retention and promotions of black officers within the Madison Police department.

How It Works

Monies for the purchase of non perishable food is a dollar for dollar match from both organizations.

We identify potential recipients and their nutritional needs. From that list, both organizations determine which of the candidates will be finalists.

Food is then procured by Sable Flame members during the same time period that they purchase groceries for their respective fire houses.

Immediately following the purchase, the food is then delivered by the firefighters to the designated needy families.

How It Works
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