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Dollars and $ense Program

Dollar Bills


Click on the video above to watch the Dollars and $ense 2020 Champions Angela and Lensa in action.

Continuous Dedication

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Jaquan Jaeger and Lanita Jennings

Finished 3rd Nationally

Yoanna Hoskins, Jesse Lenya, & Nassiru Chan

Qualified for Nationals, did not compete due to COVID

Dollars And $ense 2020

DASC 2020 Contestants and Coach

The amazingly capable 100 Black Men of Madison financial literacy team (from left to right) of Angela Abongwa, Lensa Hamda and Yoanna Hoskins, coached by Donald Dantzler, recently qualified for the National Virtual 2020 Dollars and $ense Youth Investment Competition to be staged 11:00 am (Eastern)/ 10:00 am (Central), Saturday, 7 November.


The Dollars and $ense Youth Investment program is a financial literacy program sponsored by State Farm. This program was designed to provide high school students, grades 9 through 12, with the opportunity to learn and apply best practice strategies for saving and investing.


Following preliminary competition in 2020, the 100 Black Men of Madison, Dollars and $ense team wais one of three (Nationally) selected teams that competed for a $3,000 scholarship, trophy and earn the title of National Champions!

The Coach


Donald D. Dantzler Jr. is a doctoral candidate with the School of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, as well as a survey and research specialist for the Madison Metropolitan School District.  His success with Dollars & $ense is not only measured by the competition success that he has been able to achieve year after year, but also is clear by the caliber of student that matriculates once his students finish high school.  

About The Program

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​The Dollars and Sense Program was designed to deliver financial and investment education to high school aged students, using a text which was developed in cooperation with Better Investing Inc.  The program incorporates an eight-week set of modules relating to credit, risk management and investing.  These presentations are made by strategic partners of the 100 BMM.

The Dollars and Sense program is an important tool for acquainting young people to the crucial concepts of finance and investing.  The program appropriately endeavors to involve youth who often are left out of programs and resources that facilitate economic education. The Dollars and Sense Program has been an important enhancement of the One Hundred of Madison’s Economic Development and Education Committees.

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