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African American History Educational Program

Verona AAHAC 2018

Friday, May 11th | Badger Ridge Middle School

The Event

The first Verona Area School District African American History Academic Challenge will be held 11 May at Badger Ridge Middle School. 


The 100 Black Men of Madison African American HistoryAcademic Challenge (AAHAC) is an educational program designed to enhance the appreciation and study of African American history.

The AAHAC was open to all Badger Ridge and Core Knowledge Middle School Students with the goal of encouraging pride, self-worth and an appreciation of the African American legacy and culture.

The AAHCB is also a challenging and fun way for students to expand their knowledge of African American History in highly competitive competition.


In addition to the competition, the inaugural program stewarded by Amos Anderson involved the history of 100 Black Men by Board Member William Greer, Welcome by Badger Ridge Middle School Principal Barbara James and moderated by U.S. Army, Major General Marcia Anderson (Retired).

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